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I’m committed to helping you achieve vitality by identifying and treating the underlying root cause of disease.
~ Dr. Yvonne Karney

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Welcome to SaluGenesis, where the goal is lifelong health and vitality.  Dr. Karney practices Functional Medicine, focusing on creating health, rather than the Traditional Medicine approach of labelling diseases and treating symptoms. When we create health disease disappears as a side effect!

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M. Yvonne Karney, MD.

I established this practice to provide personalized, cutting-edge medicine. I incorporate the best diagnostic tools from conventional medicine along with emerging technologies that help me identify and treat the root-cause of illness.I treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Each person is unique, as is their path to healing and vitality. I am truly honored to share the journey.

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Praise from our patients…

My family doctor recommended I see Dr. Karney because I was struggling to lose weight. I was skeptical that I would lose any weight, as I had tried nearly everything, but I decided to put my faith her and see if she could help me to at least feel better. The process has been slow and steady; I have lost over 30 pounds and kept it off for almost 2 years. Dr. Karney looked at me as a whole, from my thyroid, to my hormones to my gut, to help be healthier overall. I have the utmost respect and trust in her and will continue to work with her to be the healthiest I can be. You don’t find many doctors like Dr. Karney, and I consider myself very fortunate to have her as my doctor.

Jean W.

Through Dr. Karney’s supervision, I have been able to get my overall health under control. The results have been weight loss, increased energy, and overall management of my multiple sclerosis symptoms. Dr. Karney takes her time in explaining my body’s deficiencies, what the optimal level should be and sets a plan to get there. The results have been great!

Lisa O.

My journey with Dr. Karney this last year produced amazing results and has been a life changing experience. She listened to me, and was committed to helping me. She recommended tests that I had never had before, which got to the root of my medical issues. Dr. Karney provided a step by step pathway for me to follow so I could nurture my body back to health. It wasn’t always easy, but the results have been well worth the effort and I will be eternally grateful to her for all she has done to help me.

Kathy M.

Dr. Karney is the best doctor I’ve ever had. She’s bright, dedicated, passionate about her work, compassionate, and funny. I love the ‘visual aids’ she makes to communicate complicated medical issues, and so appreciate her realistic approach to helping me optimize my health.

Jeanne G.

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