This approach to medicine requires a partnership between provider and patient. Please do not expect to be passive. Healing takes work, and most of the work is done by YOU. The physician’s job is to educate and guide.

Dr. Karney offers complimentary discovery calls to potential patients so that everyone feels that is is a good fit to work together before any time, money or effort is spent at an appointment. She is committed to her role as a guide and will only work with patients who share the same commitment to their health.

There are two main ways to enter the practice:


This program is for people who truly believe health is more than the absence of disease. They may not have a chronic illness but seek help in maximizing their health. Entrance to this program is through the Comprehensive Health Assessment, where you will have an honest discussion of where your health is now versus where you want to be.

During the Discovery Call, Dr. Karney will decide on what labs should be done prior to your appointment, so that when you meet, all the information is available to assess your health. If you are committed, Dr. Karney will customize a plan for you. This program typically lasts 6 months. At the conclusion of the program you may be a candidate to continue seeing Dr. Karney on an as-needed basis. If she is prescribing medications for you this is typically every 3-6 months.


This program is for you if you are struggling with a chronic condition and have seen multiple providers without relief. If this is you, most likely you have already had multiple tests done. Dr. Karney will review all the testing you have had in the past year, as well as older testing with significant findings. If additional testing is recommended, this will be done prior to the appointment. She will then meet with you over a 2- 2 1/2 hour visit to review the findings and give you her assessment of the appropriate action plan for reclaiming your health. Prior to this visit you will complete a detailed questionnaire on line, which will also be reviewed at the initial visit. The cost of this appointment varies depending on what labs are needed, but ranges from $800 (if no additional labs or testing is needed) to around $2500 (if multiple additional labs are needed that are outside of insurance). At the appointment she will review all the findings and customize a regimen for you that will help you achieve your health goals. This program is usually 6-12 months. At the conclusion of the program your health goals will be assessed, and if there is still work to do, you may be a candidate to continue as her patient on an as-needed basis, with visits typically every 3-6 months.

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As a general rule, Dr. Karney only accepts new patients who are committed to one of the two above programs. She does not see new patients on a per-visit basis, as she wants to see you achieve your goals, and truly believes that the above programs are the best way to help you accomplish that. Exceptions may be made for people desiring either Bioidentical Hormone Therapy or Neurofeedback only.