Do you want more than the 15-minute blood-pressure-check and prescription-writing session that is called “the annual physical exam?”  Would you like to have time to ask questions, and learn how to optimize your health for the coming years?

Consider a Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • A phone consultation to determine what labs should be done BEFORE your visit
  • A review of findings of the labs using OPTIMAL health goals instead of the very inadequate “normal range”
  • A thorough physical examination using additional markers of health such as pH and body composition analysis
  • An honest discussion of where your health is now compared to where you want to be
  • A possible invitation to the Revitalize Program. Learn more here.
Book a Free Discovery Call

Benefits of this program:

  • A no-hurry visit with the chance to ask questions that is usually not possible in the traditional environment
  • Preventative visits are usually reimbursed at a higher rate (allowing for 1 visit per year); this would make the net cost less for the visit, provided that you are entitled to out-of-network benefits

How to schedule:

  • Book a Free Discovery Call
  • At your Discovery Call Dr. Karney (or a team member) will discuss your health concerns and advise what labs should be done before the appointment.  Your appointment will be booked far enough out that the labs will be resulted to be reviewable at your appointment.