“I believe that we were designed to be healthy. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made! If we work with our bodies to supply the raw ingredients and remove the bad things that disrupt important processes we might find an amazing capacity to heal.”

M. Yvonne Karney, M.D.

Do you struggle with low energy or brain fog? Do you you feel like you hit a wall at 3 pm and have to push yourself to make it through the rest of the day? Do you ever feel like you are walking through thick honey trying to achieve your goals? If so you are not alone.

During my years as an Ob/Gyn I frequently heard this cry for help: “My brain is mush, I’m gaining weight, and I have no energy or sex drive. My regular doctor says my labs are normal, so it MUST be my hormones. Please help me!”

I’ve lived through it myself. I practiced obstetrics for nearly 20 years, until the crazy hours and high stress nearly killed me. I was so exhausted that I missed some very precious years when my boys were small. It pains me greatly to know I’ll never get that time back.

I initially studied functional medicine with the hope that it would help me deal with the rigors of my profession. I quickly fell in love with the concept that WELLNESS IS MUCH MORE THAN THE ABSENCE OF DISEASE. Once on the path, I grew very uncomfortable with the status quo. I couldn’t ignore the inadequacies of the traditional 15-minute your-labs-are-in-normal- range approach to health care. I grew frustrated with the lack of answers for my patients suffering from fatigue and brain fog with “normal labs”. I left my traditional practice in 2016, and never looked back!

I believe we are designed to have vitality throughout our entire life. But things get in the way. Things like infections, toxic exposures, poor nutrition, or chronic stress damage us at the cellular level and block energy production. Important processes slowly start to break down. The lack of energy affects function to the extent that inflammation builds up, and then the breakdown is not slow any more. At this point our brains don’t work right—we struggle with insomnia, brain fog, and possibly anxiety or depression. Soon the breakdown is so obvious that our medical doctor gives us a diagnosis of a specific disease. With good intent, he or she offers medications to ease the symptoms, but these do nothing to address the underlying root cause.

WHAT IF our bodies could heal? What would you do with sharp mental focus and energy to last throughout the ENTIRE day? What if you could ride a bike, walk 18 holes, dance the tango, or garden without pain? What if you could wake up embracing the day rather than hitting the snooze button?

I want to help you get your energy back so you can rock your world! I want you to have sharp mental focus. You shouldn’t have to power through your day to collapse in the evening with no remaining energy. I want you to have the energy for PLAY. Remember that? It’s not too late! Whether your goal is razor-sharp mental clarity, 6-pack abs, or energy to play with your children or grandchildren, I want to help you achieve your best-self so that you can be present and enjoy your life. In short, I want you to have vitality!

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